• CSPRC meets for first time

    The inaugural Community Services Procurement Review Committee (CSPRC) meeting took place on 1 September at the Optima Centre in Osborne Park.

    The role of the CSPRC is to provide accountable authorities and the Department of Finance with a level of assurance that high risk/high value projects with the not-for-profit sector : The CSPRC ensure projects:

    • deliver outcomes in accordance with the spirit and intent of the Delivering Community Services in Partnership Policy;
    • provide a value for money outcome to the community and corporate government, not just the public authority;
    • ensure that best practice principles apply for the type of procurement being proposed;
    • take account of potential savings and smarter buying processes appropriate to the procurement being considered; and
    • meet the requirements of SSC supply policies and related government policies.

    It endorses or makes recommendations (or does both) on:

    • Community Services procurement plans at a value of $5 million and greater;
    • Community Services contract award recommendations at a value of $1 million and greater; and
    • other procurement matters submitted or referred to the CSPRC.

    The Committee is chaired by Neil Logan from the Department of the Premier and Cabinet and also includes Kylie Towie, GP’s Director of Funding and Contracting Services (FaCS).

    “While this review committee is similar to the State Tender Review Committee (STRC) one of the noticeable differences is the variety of panel members,” Kylie said.

    The members represent the diverse range of government agencies who procure human services and includes: Corrective Services, Health, Child Protection, Mental Health, Communities and Disabilities.

    Published date: 06 September 2011