• CUA Snapshot

    If you buy goods and services on behalf of your agency, you have probably used or at least investigated using a CUA.

    A CUA, or Common Use Arrangement, is a standing offer awarded to suppliers to provide goods or services commonly bought by government agencies.

    CUAs makes buying easy and minimises risk. There are 46 CUAs, most of which are mandatory in the Perth metropolitan area.

    CUAs and the resources surrounding them are continuously tweaked to better meet the need of Government and increase user friendliness:

    • The new Bulk Groceries and Fresh Produce CUA went live on 2 October. You can now buy frozen meat, poultry, seafood and savoury products from a single category. The CUA features more products and more suppliers all around.
    • The Interpreting and Translating Services CUA has a new comprehensive eDecision Aid to help you find your way around the various translating and interpreting options available to you through this CUA.
    • Speaking of eDecision Aids... They’ve all been updated to meet Web Accessibility Guidelines. What does this mean?  If you have a disability you will have the same access to information and services we provide all our clients. If you’re using a mobile device, such as a tablet or smart phone, browsers will now be able to view the data in a more user-friendly format.
    • If you follow the steps in this flowchart, you can recycle your e-waste with Australian Disability Enterprise Activ.
    • The new Temporary Personnel CUA continues to give access to a wide range of appropriately skilled personnel to fill short-term positions.
    • A brand new Computing and Mobile Devices CUA is in the pipeline and will feature a wide range of computer hardware and the latest technologies. It will replace the Notebook and Personal Computers CUA.
    • Another upcoming arrangement, the Reticulated Gas Supply CUA, will allow agencies to review tariff-based arrangements and buy reticulated gas more efficiently, at a competitive price.
    • The Training Courses CUA expires on 31 December 2014 and won’t be renewed.  Training sessions booked on or prior to 31 December 2014 – regardless of delivery date – will be covered under the Terms and Conditions of the current CUA. Similarly, customer contracts booked on or prior to 31 December 2014 will remain valid until their expiry. For further information, contact the contract manager.

    TIP: When buying through a CUA, always check your prices against the CUA’s price schedule on ContractsWA to make sure you are getting CUA prices.

    For a full list of CUAs, go to ContractsWA.

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    Published date: 22 December 2014