• CUA amendments, expirations and developments

    Information Security Products CUA expired

    On 7 January the Information Security Products CUA expired and the arrangement will not be redeveloped.

    Finance is currently working on a procurement solution for Category B of Information Security Products, which includes firewall products, switches and routers.

    In the interim, please procure in accordance with general State Supply Commission policy for goods and services.

    Furthermore, the soon to be introduced Information Security Management Services CUA provides advice, training, audit and penetration testing to assist the Government in effectively reducing cyber crime vulnerability.

    eDMS CUA altered with renewed scope

    The Electronic Document Management System (eDMS) CUA was renewed for its final year and will cease on 28 September 2012. We are now encouraging new buyers of those systems to seek pricing for longer term maintenance and support agreements in order to take advantage of possible procurement savings.

    This current CUA applies only to customers that wish to increase their use of an existing eDMS product, specifically for customers requiring additional licences or maintenance and support. 

    Published date: 24 February 2012