• Cut Costs at the Bowser

    With the ever increasing cost of fuels, it’s time for agencies to reconsider how they purchase fuel for their government vehicles.

    Agencies spent $62 million at the bowser through the Fuels and Petroleum Products Common Use Arrangement in the 2010/11 financial year.

    “Not surprisingly, the amount being spent on fuel for government cars is increasing as petrol prices rise, making it very important for agencies to reconsider how they purchase their fuel,” said Fuels Contract Manager Megan Jefferson.

    Megan says that there are a number of actions that can be taken from agencies to reduce their fuel costs, with the biggest savings to be made by purchasing at the bottom end of the price cycle.

    “Many people realise that fuel prices fluctuate through a weekly price cycle and fuel is usually cheapest on a Tuesday or Wednesday.

    “As can be seen in this graph taken from the FuelWatch website, savings of up to eight cents per litre are possible when purchasing on a Wednesday rather than another day of the week,” she said.

    Fuel Watch Graph

     Nb. 27/07/2011 was a Wednesday

    “We understand that it is not always possible for drivers to wait until Wednesday to purchase fuel, but if customers make the effort to purchase at the lower end of the price cycle whenever possible, this could go a long way to minimising fuel costs.” 

    Published date: 19 October 2011