• Electricity CUA Powering Ahead

    Powering your agency’s various sites has never been easier. Government agencies can now purchase electricity through a Common Use Arrangement (CUA), which has aggregated agency electricity needs in order to offer savings through cost and time efficiencies.

    The Department of Finance, along with a large Client Reference Group spanning 38 agencies, came together to develop a CUA that meets the needs of agencies and encourages competition between four suppliers.

    Government agencies spend about $140 million per year across 1,000 sites. Agencies now have the option to select their electricity supplier by following very simple buying rules.
    Pre-agreed terms and conditions, which have been negotiated by Finance, are in place to reduce the risk to agencies.

    CUA Contract Manager Sean Quintal highlighted the benefit of having the terms and conditions pre-negotiated.

    “Previous agency contracts were complex and contained insufficient insurance coverage and onerous terms, which made them difficult for agencies to use. Having pre-negotiated terms and conditions makes using this CUA a much simpler process.”

    Synergy, Alinta, Perth Energy, and EMC Power are the current providers and agencies are recommended to seek quotes to gain the best outcome. There are a number of tools available to help agencies determine which supplier best meets their needs. If other retailers enter the market in the future, there is the option for them to be added to the panel arrangement at a later stage.

    Public Utilities Office, David Buswell showed his appreciation of the new CUA congratulating the development team on their outcome.

    “Congratulations, that was a difficult lot of work that I’m sure government agencies will find useful, especially in regard to the potential for increased energy efficiency.”

    Published date: 25 June 2013