• Evaluate your way to success

    Purchasing on behalf of your agency and government comes with a substantial amount of responsibility. This includes ensuring you’re getting the appropriate good or service and value-for-money. Government Procurement’s Senior Procurement Manager Genevieve Jarvis has shared some tips that will help you along the way.

    “You must ensure that the request document is very clear about your requirements, as this is what you have to evaluate against,” said Genevieve.

    “Having a clear scope, clear exclusions from the scope and detailed specifications are all key to achieving a value-for-money outcome.

    “The more specific the request document, the better the response from suppliers.”

    Time is another important aspect when evaluating, not just for the agency but also for the suppliers.

    “Being clear to suppliers about the process and length of time they have to respond will help ensure a smooth outcome.
    “In some instances there is a pre-tender briefing and if you are a potential supplier, then attending this session would be a good starting point to find out more about the specific requirements of the contract and its customers.

    “For the evaluation panel, I try to make sure they receive a copy of the evaluation booklet well ahead of the request closing time so they can familiarise themselves with the process.

    “As procurement experts, our reputation is everything. We have to be fair, transparent and provide the best outcome for Western Australian government agencies.”

    If you are new to government buying and need to familiarise yourself with the process, Government Procurement’s Education and Training team has Better Buying seminars you can attend or an online eLearning module you can complete.

    Published date: 10 April 2015