• GP green thumbs go gardening with ADE

    Cam Dickson and Cindy from Intework doing some hedgingFifteen Government Procurement (GP) staff recently got their hands dirty to experience a day in the life of an Australian Disability Enterprise (ADE) employee.

    The Business Analysis and Development (BAD) team used their team-building day to learn about Finance’s ADE initiative and see first-hand the benefits of government contracts to people working with a disability.

    The BAD team donned their gloves and did a range of gardening and horticultural work with ADE Intework, at Settler’s Townsite on Burlington Road, Baldivis.  

    They were split into three teams to tackle different sections of the park, assisting with hedging, whipper-snipping, weeding, removing dead plants and litter pick up. The benefits ran deeper than just gaining an insight into the type of work ADEs do.

    The day enabled the team to see the connection between the way in which GP assists agencies with their procurement and the outcomes of these processes.

    Assistant Director Andrew Davy highlighted the important role GP plays in enabling agencies to engage the ADEs.Intework representative hedging while Kris van der Spoel from Finance cleans up

    “Government has played a significant role in building the capacity of these organisations by supporting the ADE initiative,” said Andrew.

    “The impact the initiative has on the supported employees is significant – giving them development opportunities in workplace skills as well as social ability.”

    While BAD got an insight and learnt a thing or two about Intework, it also got a few helpful hints in the garden.

    “They do a wonderful job maintaining the parks in Baldivis and fulfilling their contractual obligations.

    “All-in-all we had a great day integrating with Intework, learning about the business, working with the employees and gaining some gardening skills too.”

    For more information on the ADE initiative go to the Department’s website.

    Published date: 05 May 2015