• Getting skills up to scratch

    Nationally Recognised Training Courses are a new feature of the Training Courses Common Use Arrangement (CUA) that has been redeveloped, offering government staff the opportunity to gain recognised qualifications.

    The CUA also offers agencies plenty of opportunity to create and deliver targeted training solutions, with existing categories having been reviewed, and additional courses and suppliers added to each.

    Customisation was the main focus of the redevelopment; agencies can now consult with suppliers and have much more scope to tailor courses.

    Contract Developer Keva Maher believes this change results in a significant benefit for agencies.

    “Agencies now have the option of tailoring courses specifically for their staff.  The limit for course customisation has increased from two hours to two days. This enables more targeted content to be delivered, providing more relevant courses and further flexibility.”

    Where agencies require a slight modification to courses, suppliers still provide between one and two hours customisation free of charge.”

    The categories for the new CUA are:

    • Information Technology;
    • Working in Organisations;
    • Management; and
    • Nationally Recognised Training Courses.

    The CUA has been live since January 1 and an eDecision Aid is being developed. For all pricing on training courses please go to ContractsWA and use the order form provided.

    For any CUA related queries please contact Keva Maher.

    Published date: 21 March 2013