• Government introduces savings initiatives – Business Machines and Business Consumables CUA

    The Department of Finance (Finance) has identified a number of savings opportunities for WA Government involving the Business Machines and Business Machine Consumables Common Use Arrangement (CUA).

    With a $300 million sector wide savings initiative underway targeting paper and printer consumables, the structure of the Business Machines CUA provides significant savings opportunities for agencies.

    Everyday savings can be made for agencies when using the buying tips available in the Business Machines CUA Buyers Guide.

    In addition, planning for a new category on the CUA is underway and will concentrate on “end to end solutions”, including fleet optimisation, fleet management, and print management software.

    “There are a number of benefits in being able to optimise fleets of devices and monitor the printing habits of organisations or individuals,” said Contract Manager Ivor Lee.

    “This innovative category will offer agencies a more complete CUA that enables them to maximise savings.”

    Purchases under the new proposed category may include:

    • fleet assessment and optimisation services, which are aimed at reducing user-to-device ratios; or
    • multiple business machine purchases, with associated maintenance services and device and print management software bundled as a package; or
    • device management software (standalone) providing a mechanism for monitoring and managing printing activities across a given organisation in a unified fashion; or
    • print management software (standalone) managing the volume of printing activity by authenticating users to promote accountability.

    Finance is also researching new money saving methods for the Stationery (Office and School) Copy Paper and Envelopes CUA.

    For further information on the Business Machine and Business Machine Consumables CUA please contact Ivor Lee

    Published date: 27 November 2012