• Greater paper choices

    Buying copy paper from your supplier on our Common Use Arrangement (CUA) may be a routine process, but have you recently stopped to do a comparison between the suppliers?

    The best deals are available to buyers who are proactive. Suppliers have the opportunity to re-bid and update prices on a regular basis. Before you put in an order, check the price schedule for any changes in price, size, brand and more; then take a minute to decide who best suits your agency’s needs and budget.

    The product range includes regular and recycled, A4 and A3, white and coloured, office copy papers. If your focus is on sustainability, read about product certification and recycled content in the factsheet contained in the price schedule.

    The copy paper price schedule is published on Contracts WA.

    Your contract manager is only a phone call away on 6551 1587, or e-mail lee.wong@finance.wa.gov.au.

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    Published date: 10 September 2014