• How do I get on a CUA?

    Published 4 October 2011

    Common Use Arrangements (CUAs) are whole-of-government standing offers, awarded to a single supplier or panel of suppliers to provide goods or services commonly purchased by government agencies.

    Generally, most CUAs are mandatory for government buyers in the Perth metropolitan area and will have a specified contract period that spans from between two and five years including some extension options. Over 60 CUAs exist, providing goods and services ranging from printed stationery and industrial gases, to temporary personnel and desktop computers.

    Depending on which CUA you want to be contracted to, there are different rules and processes.

    Adrian Tirli, A/Director recommends that the first port of call, if you want to know the rules for a certain CUA, is the contract manager.

    "Contract Managers are best placed to know the specifics of a CUA", he said.

    "Some CUAs have a great deal of flexibility and allow government to add on or remove suppliers as required, and others have none".

    A list of current CUAs including contact details for contract managers can be found online at www.contractswa.finance.wa.gov.au.

    "Don't forget to keep an eye on Tenders WA too", said Adrian.

    "Every new public tender, whether it is a CUA or not, is advertised here." www.tenders.wa.gov.au

    Published date: 04 October 2011