• ICT Equipment Disposal

    The CUA covering ICT Equipment Disposal (CUA 5105) will be replaced with a new arrangement (47110) on 30 August 2011. To introduce the new contractors and acknowledge the hard work of the Client Reference Group, a CUA launch is planned for late September.

    The new CUA, mandatory in the Perth region, covers three panels for auctions, community
    re-use and environmental recycling. It is non-mandatory for regional areas.

    “There are some changes from the previous CUA, including that the scope of the arrangement has been broadened to include the disposal of Audio-Visual Devices, electronic media, including Entertainment & Consumer Electronics,” Contract Manager Vanessa Tham, said.

    Other features include:

    • Contractors now provide certification for data wiping and optional on-site data wiping;
    • Panel A and B contractors can refer equipment that did not sell at an auction and cannot be re-used to Panel C contractors; and
    • Panel C contractors can refer re-usable equipment to Panel B contractors.
    Published date: 30 August 2011