• More Microsoft for your money

    It took time and the negotiations were, at times, intense but that’s all over with the signing of an extension to the whole-of-government Microsoft Enterprise Agreement. 

    Started on June 1, the agreement covers the purchase of new software licences, maintenance of owned software licences, subscription licensing and the new products that allow for the adoption of cloud computing.

    As well as securing further discounts on the standard government price (up from four per cent to 12.7 per cent), the negotiators used the purchasing power of a single government entity to win a further $4.5 million in annual savings; a saving of approximately 15 per cent across the sector.

    Agencies now have the flexibility to choose the licensing option (either user or device) that best suits their business models, and of transferring licences across agencies, including for machinery of government changes.

    It covers an expanded range of products such as SharePoint, Yammer and Lync and allows agencies to decide whether it is in their interest to pay for licensing according to user or device numbers.

    Perhaps of most interest is the fact this agreement offers a new option of Office 365 that facilitates agencies to move their data storage and processing to the cloud.

    The Department of Finance has put in place a risk mitigation strategy and online guidelines for agencies considering the cloud option. These will soon be available.

    Find out more about what the Agreement offers in the Buyers Guide.

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    Published date: 11 September 2014