• New Bulk Groceries CUA live NOW

    Whether you’re cooking for the young, the old, the healthy or the sick, the new Bulk Groceries
    and Fresh Produce Common Use Arrangement (CUA) gives you more of everything.

    More categories...

    ...offer more convenience. You can now buy your frozen meat, poultry, seafood and savouries from a dedicated category.

    More products...

    ...mean more variety. There are new products available under all seven categories.

    More suppliers...

    ...across a number of categories. An increased supplier base means more choice.

    As per the previous CUA, the new arrangement has fixed prices and you can Pick and Buy your groceries without the need for quotes. There is a choice of multiple brands per product and free delivery in the Perth region, depending on minimum order levels.

    For more information about this CUA and how to buy from it, go to Contracts WA.

    Don’t forget, your contract manager is here to help you. For any questions, speak to Joanne Morup on 6551 1474.


    Published date: 10 November 2014