• New ICT CUAs Providing Solutions

    The ever evolving ICT world means that Government Procurement has been busy developing new Common Use Arrangements (CUA) to provide required goods and services to government.

    In the next few months a number of CUAs will be released and available for agencies throughout Western Australia to use.

    These are all mandatory in the Perth Metropolitan region and further information including their Buyer’s Guides, Price Schedule and the Contract Manager’s details will be available on ContractsWA once the CUAs are live.

    Here is a brief overview of the impending CUAs:

    Printing and Copying Machines and Solutions

    The Printing and Copying Machines and Solutions CUA is based on flexible categories rather than standard specifications, allowing it to develop with technological advances and continue to provide agencies with up-to-date products and services.

    The new CUA will replace the current Business Machines and Consumables CUA when it goes live to agencies on 1 December 2013. The new Managed Print Services category will be available earlier in October 2013.

    Previous categories and services will still be provided including multifunctional devices, printers, faxes, and consumables.

    Network Infrastructure Solutions

    This solution-based CUA gives access to data network products and associated services, including design, integration and installation, warranty and support.

    A data network comprises hardware, relevant software and the data cabling infrastructure that connects the network devices.

    Two categories will be available to agencies when it goes live later this month:

    Panel A – Network Products

    • Category 1 - Network Devices (switches, routers, security appliances)
    • Category 2 - IP Telephony Products (VoIP equipment).

    Panel B – End to End Network Solutions

    • This panel is intended for agencies that require a complete End to End solution, suitable for network infrastructure fit outs of new buildings and greenfield sites.
    • This solution incorporates design, product purchases, implementation services, after sales support and maintenance. Managed service options will also be available as part of any maintenance support arrangements.

    Contract Systems Solutions

    Expected to commence in September 2013, the Contract Systems Solutions CUA will give access to software that will help manage your agency’s contracts more efficiently.

    The applications available throughout the CUA will allow management of the entire contract life cycle, as well as access to additional services such as:

    • Customisation of the chosen application;
    • Training; and
    • Support and maintenance. 
    Published date: 23 August 2013