• New government airline discounts

    Travel discounts have increased for the WA Government as airlines improve travel flexibility for the public sector.

    Qantas and SkyWest have increased government discounts on flights when booking through CWT’s online booking tool or through its travel consultants.

    Contract Manager Brad Larson highly recommends CWT’s online booking tool as the most efficient way of booking airfares.

    “This tool allows government to see the different airfares, and compare them across all airlines.

    “With the increased savings and flexibility, it’s a great opportunity for government to gain the most from this CUA,” Brad said.

    Qantas has extended its government discounts across all of its fare classes. While the discounts vary depending upon the fare class, they are consistent for all routes.

    The new discounts take advantage of the restructured Qantas fare classes that has resulted in the removal of the old “Super-Saver” class.

    Qantas recently introduced a name change option and has now removed the associated $80 fee, which provides further flexibility to passengers and agencies. Skywest has also removed its $22 admin fee per sector for name changes.

    Skywest has extended its WA Government discounts into its Skyfair and Skyflexi classes. The discounts vary depending on the route. The Perth-Geraldton route receives the highest level of discount.

    Published date: 30 August 2011