• New to Quotes and Tenders Seminar

    Government Procurement has a free seminar for businesses wanting to supply goods and services to Government.

    New to Quote and Tenders is held bi-monthly and provides an in depth look into quoting and tendering for government business.

    Presented by senior government procurement managers, this seminar gives you an insight into what Government is looking for when assessing tenders.

    This seminar covers:

    • Quote and tender request documentation;
    • Government policies such as Buy Local and Value for Money;
    • Common selection criteria;
    • The evaluation process for quotes and tenders; and
    • Where to access information and further assistance.

    The next seminar will be held on Tuesday 17 April from 2:00-4:00pm. If you are new to the provision of goods and services to Government or the quote and tender process, please register your interest.

    In support of this seminar a ‘Guide to Tendering with Western Australian Public Authorities’ is available, which provides information on Government processes.

    Please note: the seminar will only present information on the tender process for Government goods and services. Tenders related to building maintenance and works infrastructure projects operate separately, and are managed by Building Management and Works.

    In addition, these seminars are not designed to cater for those businesses seeking feedback on unsuccessful Government tenders

    If you have any questions about the seminar please contact the Procurement Education team by email on proceducation@finance.wa.gov.au

    Published date: 12 April 2012