• Print your way to savings

    Print, copy, scan, and fax without having to own or lease any of the equipment.

    Agencies now have more printing options available as the new Printing and Copying Machines and Solutions Common Use Arrangement (CUA) went live on 12 December.

    The CUA replaces the Business Machines and Consumables CUA, providing the same established categories, plus more.
    Managed Print Services (MPS) is a new panel and is a fee-for-service arrangement where the MPS provider, who usually owns the entire fleet of printing and copying machines, bills the agency on a quarterly basis. Alternatively, agencies can also choose to purchase some or all of the printing fleet, depending on their needs.

    Contract Manager Ivor Lee sees this new category as an efficient way for agencies to make significant savings.

    “Through Managed Print Services, an agency can save up to 30 per cent on its printing expenditure,” Ivor said.

    With multiple suppliers available, there is further opportunity to make savings for your agency.

    “The CUA will reduce administration time and costs and there is a wider range of suppliers, which means you can negotiate for lower prices.”

    MPS also offers agencies the convenience of dealing with only one supplier, while providing access to printing and copying machines, consumables, maintenance, support, training, cost optimisation, and there is room to accommodate technological advances.

    Suppliers now include minimum discount rates for products and maintenance plans, giving agencies greater certainty that the pricing won’t change significantly throughout the term of the contract.

    “This new concept allows agencies to plan their purchases in advance with a greater degree of confidence. These discounts are attached to particular types of products, and if the product is replaced with a more technologically advanced one, the discount and pricing remain the same.”

    The mandatory CUA now has five categories and provides:

    • Panel 1 – Managed print services (MPS);
    • Panel 2 – Multifunction devices and associated consumables;
    • Panel 3 – Printers and associated consumables;
    • Panel 4 – Faxes and associated consumables; and
    • Panel 5 – Brokerage services for consumables*.

    Panel 5 is not available as it’s still going through the evaluation process. This will be awarded in the coming weeks.

    For more information on the CUA, please see the Buyers Guide on ContractsWA.

    Published date: 13 December 2013