• Setting Disability Enterprises Up For Success

    Australian Disability Enterprises (ADEs) have recently been given a better opportunity to win Government contracts.

    The Government of Western Australia is keen to increase procurement opportunities for ADEs. The State Supply Commission changed its Open and Effective Competition Policy in support of this initiative, allowing agencies to directly engage an ADE where it represents fair market value to do so.

    Currently, there are seven approved Western Australian ADEs:

    • Activ;
    • Goodwill Engineering;
    • Good Samaritan Industries;
    • Intework Incorporated;
    • Paraquad Industries;
    • Westcare; and
    • Workpower

    These companies provide supported employment for more than 2,100 people with a disability. They operate as commercial entities and provide a wide range of goods and services.

    Procurement planning is important for agencies interested in engaging an ADE. For contracts to be released in six to 18 months time, consider whether it can be serviced by an ADE (in whole or in part). Contact A/Senior Procurement Manager Lil Paskos or Consultant Haydn Lowe, and they can confirm ADE capacity and advise you of the next steps to take. Fore-knowledge also gives ADEs the time to develop their capacity to meet your future requirements.

    When engaging an ADE, Lil reminds agency staff there is a process you need to follow.

    “Before you begin any new procurement process, investigate whether an ADE can meet your needs and if so, engage the ADE directly. Once you have released a Request to market, then it must go through a normal competitive process.”

    Lil has been appointed to facilitate the engagement of ADEs within Government and assist with the development of these contracts. If you haven’t had a call from Lil yet, you can contact her on 65512475, 0437 440 206 or lil.paskos@finance.wa.gov.au.

    Haydn has been engaged through a Government grant to represent the seven ADEs and to coordinate contracts for State and Local Government, and private businesses. Haydn can be contacted on 0408 524 886 or haydn.lowe@workpower.asn.au.

    There will be a training session that will give further information on the ADE initiative coming soon. Check the events page to find out the details when available.


    Published date: 25 June 2013