• Show me the money! Debt Recovery Services CUA redeveloped

    Having difficulty recovering debts? The redeveloped Debt Recovery Services Common Use Arrangement (CUA) now has four suppliers providing services for recovering unpaid accounts.

    These services may include letters, phone calls, ‘skip tracing’ to track down debtors, ‘field visits’ to make face-to-face contact with debtors and legal actions to recover a debt.

    Benefits of the CUA include:

    • An ability to recover both Australian and overseas debts.
    • Choice and flexibility – select any contracted supplier that meets your needs by using the ‘Pick and Buy’ order form.
    • A ‘no success, no fee’ model; commission is only payable upon successful recovery. Additional items such as closure fees and field calls may incur a separate charge.

    This CUA is mandatory within the Perth Region.

    The Buyers Guide and other associated documents are now live on ContractsWA.

    For further information, please contact Contract Manager Yong Wong.


    Published date: 21 March 2013