• Stay on top of your contracts

    Who wouldn’t be interested in reading articles such as ’Department’s contracts a mess‘ or ’Bureaucrat gave contracts to brother‘?

    These headings may grab your attention and make for an interesting read. However, you certainly wouldn’t want to be the person responsible for managing these contracts.

    If having to answer questions about what went wrong or why outcomes were not achieved on time or on budget doesn’t sound like much fun to you, there’s some good news. The Contract Management Advisory Services (CMAS) team has tips to help you manage contracts effectively.

    Your contract management tasks will vary each time, depending on the risk, the value, complexity and purpose of the contract. 

    To manage a contract successfully, make sure you:

    • know your agency’s contract management policies and procedures
    • know which contract management tasks you are responsible for as part of your role
    • get involved as early as possible, preferably during the planning phase of the contract
    • consider what all of the contract management requirements are and make sure they are included in the request document
    • familiarise yourself with all of the documents that make up the contract
    • have a plan for managing the contract
    • ensure that the requirements, roles and responsibilities are clear to all parties before the contract starts
    • maintain a positive and professional relationship with your suppliers and make sure that you communicate with them regularly
    • actively monitor and review the suppliers’ performance throughout the contract term and give them feedback
    • keep comprehensive records – it is a requirement. Make sure that your documents cover: who, what, when, where, how and why.

    Want to know more? CMAS presents regular Contract Management Awareness Sessions at Albert Facey House in the Perth CBD. To register for a session or for more information, visit I’m a Contract Manager.

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    Published date: 11 September 2014