• Still holding onto your Gull fuel card?

    Agencies should reconsider their need to carry a Gull Fuel Card.

    Gull Fuel Cards provide savings when used at Gull sites in the Perth metropolitan area. However, when a Gull Fuel Card is not used within a given month, an agency is charged an “Unused Management Fee” of $2.40.

    “If you have a Gull Fuel Card but are not consistently using it, your agency may be incurring significant costs through these fees and should consider cancelling the card if they feel they can do without them,” Contract Manager Megan Jefferson said.

    Gull Fuel Cards can be used to buy petrol at BP, Caltex and Shell stations, however, if you do this you will not get the CUA discounts from these suppliers and you might also be charged a transaction fee.

    “BP, Caltex and Shell do not charge fees on their own cards so when purchasing at one of these outlets, make sure to use the correct fuel card and get a discount,” she said.

    For further details on the CUA please see the Buyers Guide available on the ContractsWA website.

    Published date: 30 August 2011