• Submitting Offers

    If you are responding to a tender, don't forget to carefully read the "Submission of Offer" section of every Request and follow the instructions closely. Typical lodgement methods are submission by hand, post, facsimile and/or uploading electronically via the Tenders WA website.

    Some pointers are:

    • Check the address for submission by hand or post, they aren't always the same address!
    • Never assume that the submission address or facsimile number will be the same as for the last offer you may have submitted.
    • Allow plenty of time to submit your offer, regardless of which method you choose, to ensure it is received by the customer in full before the closing time.
    • Take a moment to read the Request Conditions, as they include conditions around submission of offers.

    There are plenty of sources of assistance if you're not sure how to go about submitting your offer. The best way to find these is to check the first few pages of any Request - contact numbers for assistance are normally provided in section 1.5 of each Request. 

    Published date: 12 April 2012