• Tablet and Hybrid Computers added to CUA

    The Department of Finance is introducing a new panel with two categories to the Notebook and Personal Computer CUA.

    The CUA will include tablet and hybrid computers, with a category for each, when it becomes available in April.

    The categories will focus on functional requirements, rather than a standard specification. This initiative offers greater flexibility in meeting government agencies’ needs in a technical environment that is constantly evolving.

    Procurement Manager Michael Lorenti sees the benefits of adding these computers to the CUA.

    “As the categories allow for technological advances, these additions will continue to service agencies requirements.

    “Tablet and hybrid computers are the way of the future and the amendments to this CUA will fully cater for that.”

    A number of suppliers will be contracted to the additional categories, with items offered through a ‘pick and buy’ arrangement.

    The categories are mandatory in the Perth Metropolitan area and are included for the remaining year of the CUA. 

    Published date: 24 February 2012