• The FaCS of Improving Government

    After only eighteen months in existence, the Funding and Contracting Services (FaCS) unit in Government Procurement were awarded the prestigious Premier’s Award for Public Sector Excellence for Improving Government, at a twilight event on 22 November.

    “These awards are designed to encourage innovative projects and reward displays of creative leadership, which lead to better service to the community,” Mr Barnett said.

    Premier's Award Winners 2012 - FaCS and Fremantle Prison

    FaCS unit supports both the public and Not-for-Profit (NFP) community sectors to implement the Delivering Community Services in Partnership (DCSP) Policy and associated procurement reforms. Central to the recognition at the Awards was the fundamental shift in the relationship between government and the community sector.

    FaCS Director Kylie Towie said “FaCS helps government engage with the community services sector rather than dictate to it, and in the process mutual respect and new partnerships between the sectors are being forged.”

    Some key innovative practices and achievements of FaCS include:

    • Assisting government agencies to reduce the administrative burden on the not-for-profit sector through standardising templates, making reporting requirements commensurate with scale and risk and establishing longer term contracts.
    • Centralising the support function and encouraging consistent practice across agencies.
    • Delegating accountability to line agencies to make decisions based on addressing community outcomes.
    • Funding Fostering Partnerships Program Grants that encourage community sector and government agencies to work together on initiatives that contribute to the aim of the DCSP.
    • Placing FaCS Direct Agency Support staff into government agencies to build their procurement capacity.
    • Sponsoring 22 practitioners from across government line agencies to complete the Procurement Vocational Program.

    The FaCS team are committed to continuing to facilitate positive outcomes for the sector in future years, which will ultimately mean better services are delivered to benefit the Western Australian community. Finance congratulates all past and present FaCS staff for this significant win.

    More information on the Premier’s Award for Excellence can be found at:

    FaCS’ Director Kylie Towie and Assistant Director Tim McKimmie will present their success story alongside other winners at the Public Sector Excellence Conference on Friday December 7.

    Published date: 30 November 2012