• The difference between ICT Services and Temporary Personnel Services
    Common Use Arrangements

    Recently it has become apparent that some buyers are unsure of when to use the ICT Services Common Use Arrangement (CUA) and when to use the IT category from the Temporary Personnel CUA.

    To assist buyers, the Department of Finance has developed a summary document providing guidance about when to use which contract. This summary document can be found on ContractsWA.

    The following two examples illustrate where it is appropriate to use each contract.

    Example 1: When to use ICT Services

    Agency A requires a contractor to implement a new ICT system. The contractor is to be responsible for the design, configuration and implementation of the new system for the length of time required for the completion of work.

    Agency A should use the ICT Services CUA to contract the work required, as it is outcome based and the responsibility for the completed work stays with the contractor.

    Example 2: When to use Temporary Personnel Services

    Agency B has just implemented a new ICT system. Their IT support staff are inundated with requests for help and cannot keep up with the demand. The agency would like to procure a resource to assist their IT support team for a short time period until users are familiar with the system.

    Agency B should use the Temporary Personnel CUA to fill this position, as they are only seeking a resource with the appropriate skills. This person can be paid on a per hour basis and is only needed for a short time period.

    In some situations, it still may be unclear under the scope of which contract a requirement falls. In these circumstances buyers should use the new summary document or the Buyers’ Guides available on Contracts WA.

    If there is still uncertainty, please contact the Contract Managers:
    • ICT Services – Roslyn Carter on 6551 1442 or via email
    • Temporary Personnel Services – Philip Heise on 6551 1453 or via email

    Published date: 14 December 2011