• Top Marks for Common Use Arrangements (CUAs)

    Each year between November and February, the Department of Education’s Housing and Transport Services Unit coordinates a relocation project of epic proportions. As the school year comes to a close, the unit organises for teachers and their household possessions to be moved to new locations in the regions or back to Perth. Last year, the unit was responsible for coordinating 1,465 household relocations.

    The planning process for what is affectionately referred to as the ‘Teacher Transfer Season’ starts in June, when applications are sought from teachers intending to teach at schools in and outside of the metropolitan area. Key CUAs used during this season include Removalist Services and Travel Reservations (Air) and Associated Services.

    The Removalist Services CUA is of particular benefit as it provides a ’pick and buy‘ framework that enables the unit to coordinate closely with the Department’s dedicated furniture removalist, Grace Worldwide. The Department has been working with Grace Removals on this CUA for a number of years, and has developed a collaborative working relationship, which enables them to overcome the many and varied challenges that occur throughout the season.

    Grace Removals and other external organisations such as Toll Auto, Carlson Wagonlit Travel and Government Regional Officers’ Housing – a division of the Department of Housing – are all affected by environmental factors. Inconsistent weather can be challenging and disruptive as the majority of moves occur during the ‘wet season’ months of December and January in northern WA.

    The Department’s Senior Consultant Bruce Hicks spoke about previous years where moves were affected by the environment.

    “In 2010-11, moves were disrupted by excessive rain and flooding in the Gascoyne, Goldfields, Pilbara and Kimberley, which delayed the delivery of many teachers’ household items and vehicles.”

    “We worked closely with CUA removalists and monitored the Main Roads website for the latest information on road closures, considered using alternative routes that bypassed closed and flooded areas,” Bruce said.

    Bruce and the staff interviewed for this article gave top marks to both the Removalist Services and the Travel Reservations and Associated Services CUAs.

    Published date: 14 December 2011