• Up-skill yourself with the PVP

    A second birthday is a good time to look back and see what you’ve achieved.

    Since its launch in 2011, 320 procurement people have attended Government Procurement’s (GP) Procurement Vocational Program (PVP).

    The PVPs sister program for Community Services procurement with the Not-for-Profit Sector had 95 attendees throughout the year.

    Every student completing the program represents another step towards achieving a consistently high standard of procurement practice throughout Government.

    The PVP takes students through the entire procurement process – and beyond. Topics include procurement planning, tendering, negotiating and contract management, and are explored through a blend of theory and activity-based learning.

    The PVP gives agencies the opportunity to equip their workforce with expert skills in procurement. This is in line with Government's objective of delivering value for money through well-trained people. In addition, students walk away with an ability to apply high standards of service delivery and compliance.

    Having completed both the PVP and Chartered Institute of Purchasing and Supply modules, recent graduate Ling Cher has an in-depth understanding of the processes of government buying and why they are in place.

    “I am well and truly across the theory and practicalities of buying, and use this knowledge every day”, says the GP Acting Procurement Manager who is based at the Department of Health.

    Ling did not have any formal procurement training prior to completing the PVP. She sees the program as a great stepping-stone for people in procurement.

    “PVP gave me the confidence to apply my learnings to realife scenarios.

    “It’s all relevant, so when you come across an issue in the workplace, you’ve come across it before in the PVP and are able to seek a solution.”

    The course is designed around the purchasing landscape of the WA public sector and consists of four vocational modules. Modules can be completed as stand-alone modules to meet specific procurement needs, or as a complete accredited procurement training program.

    Course content is being updated, and as of early 2014 provides a new pathway to the nationally recognised Diploma of Government Procurement and Contracting.

    For more information about the PVP, contact the GP Education team or visit the Procurement Vocational Program website.

    Published date: 13 December 2013