• WA Government on the same electronic page

    Government Procurement’s ICT Sourcing team recently concluded negotiations with Microsoft, resulting in a new Common Use Arrangement for Microsoft licenses for WA Government.

    The CUA will run for three years plus a possible extension of a further three years and will save the Western Australian Government an estimated $1.2 million each year.

    A milestone of the new CUA is the establishment of a single Large Account Reseller for all government buyers and a new Whole-of-Government Enterprise License Agreement licensing program.

    “The new Arrangement is unique in terms of its technology set and associated opportunities; but also in the level of inter-agency cooperation that is in place as a result,” said John Filippone, Director ICT Sourcing.

    “At the heart of the Arrangement, which is the first of its type for any government in Australia, was a collaborative spirit across Government.

    “It was a deal that was genuinely attractive: 21 agencies, representing 60,000+ licenses, chose to sign up to this non-mandatory CUA.”

    The CUA will be formally launched in September and a full article on its benefits will be in the next edition of Procurement Matters for Buyers.

    Published date: 30 August 2011