• Who are you and where are you from?

    If you buy from one of Government Procurement’s (GP) Common Use Arrangements (CUAs), does the supplier know who you are and where you’re from?

    These are the questions GP’s Business Analysis team members ask their computer screens when analysing data entries because some of the reports we get from suppliers tell us they don’t!

    To ensure that GP’s reporting and data analysis remain accurate, we reach out to you, as an important stakeholder, to help us accomplish it.

    To better design CUAs to serve agency needs, GP has to collect accurate information on CUA spend.

    The Business Analysis team has been busily amending the database that stores CUA supplier sales data to improve the quality of information it holds and the reports that are generated from it.

    The Supplier Sales Database records the names of buyers who purchase goods or services from a supplier on a CUA.

    There are 88,000 separate buying entity names, across the 120 agencies, which, by anyone’s standard, is slightly excessive.

    To help GP establish more accurate reporting, 50,000 incomplete or inaccurate buying entity names will be removed from the database.

    The data being entered needs to be more precise to enable accurate reporting.

    When making a purchase from a CUA supplier, please be specific about the business unit and agency for whom you are purchasing, e.g. – Corporate Services - Department of Health, or Ward 7A - Royal Perth Hospital, or Procurement Services - Department of Commerce. Without this information we cannot track spend and report accurately.

    Please do not include purchase order numbers, account codes, email addresses or abbreviations as an identifier for whom you are purchasing.

    If you have any queries, please email the Business Analysis team on gpbusinessanalysis@finance.wa.gov.au.

    Published date: 19 February 2014