• Enhancements to Revenue Online

    The Office of State Revenue has introduced five new transactions that can be self assessed using Online Duties. These are:

    • transfer from a member to a custodian/trustee of a superannuation fund for consideration (nominal duty)
    • partial vesting of trust property from the trustee of a discretionary trust to a beneficiary (nominal duty)
    • grant and surrender of easements between non-related parties
    • sale of business assets between non-related parties where the business operates in Western Australia
    • declarations of trust where the declaration is in conformity with the agreement to transfer (offer and acceptance)

    Please see the transaction guidelines or more information on transactions approved for self assessment, and Online Duties for more information and user guides to assist with self assessments.

    Duties Assessment Channel Reforms

    Commencing 1 August 2016, duty assessment channels will be reformed to address customer feedback and timeliness of assessments.

    These reforms, and the expansion of approved transactions on Revenue Online, will provide increased capacity for State Revenue to attend to non-routine transactions lodged for assessment.

    • Transactions approved for self assessment that are presented at the front counter by an eligible agent will be assessed in date order of receipt rather than being immediately assessed.
    • Anyone not eligible to use Revenue Online can continue to present routine transactions at the front counter for immediate assessment and payment.
    • If your transaction is not approved for self assessment through Revenue Online, you can continue to present it at the front counter for immediate assessment if it is a routine transaction normally accepted for immediate assessment and payment of duty. A list of these transactions will be available soon.

    Please see Online Duties for information on how to register for and use Revenue Online.

    Further information on the duties assessment channels is published in Circular 15.

    Published date: 12 July 2016