• Online Services Portal

    The Office of State Revenue has expanded the online services we offer to enable our customers to interact with us at a time convenient to them.

    The Online Services Portal is a free online gateway to our services for individuals, businesses and agents. It provides easy and convenient access to a range of information and the ability to lodge documents from the one secure place.

    The Online Services Portal provides the following services:

    • Duties Online Services – for individual taxpayers or those people not eligible to use Revenue Online to lodge documents for duty assessment or request a refund of duty.
    • Land Tax Online Services – for anyone who has a land tax account or those who want to access land tax information on behalf of someone else.
    • First Home Owner Grant Services – for applicants of the first home owner grant who want to look up their Unique Identifier Number (UIN) online.

    For professionals who regularly carry out self-assessments or lodge dutiable transactions with State Revenue, Revenue Online continues to offer the following services:

    • Online Payroll Tax – Self-assessment for registered employers and their authorised agents.
    • Online Duties – Self-assessment of duties documents for registered WA settlement agents or legal practitioners.
    • OSR Duties Lodgments – Online lodgment of duties documents for WA settlement agents or legal practitioners.
    • Online Insurance Duty – General insurers, intermediaries and insured persons.

    The State Revenue website has been updated with information about using the Online Services Portal. Please contact us if you require additional information.

    Published date: 23 July 2018