• Gas tariff caps

    The gas price caps listed below apply for non-residential customers in the relevant areas from 1 July 2016. All retailers are required to have a standard form contract approved by the Economic Regulation Authority, and when offering to supply gas to non-residential customers under that standard form contract, the charge for supply cannot exceed the applicable price cap. Retailers can also offer to supply non-residential customers with gas under non-standard contracts, at rates different from these regulated price caps.


    Mid-West/South-West area

    • Supply charge: 18.12 cents per day
    • Energy charge – cents per unit:
      • First 100 units per day: 13.11
      • Over 100 units per day: 10.51

    Kalgoorlie-Boulder area

    • Supply charge: 46.64 cents per day
    • Energy charge: 11.90 cents per unit

    Albany area

    • Supply charge: 22.50 cents per day
    • Energy charge: 16.36 cents per unit