• Renewable resource quality

    When planning a renewable energy project, the most important consideration is the resource quality in the chosen area. Renewable resource abundance and reliability determines:

    • the amount of electricity a project can generate
    • how financially viable a project will be.

    It’s also worth checking on existing project locations to assess previous success in different regions.

    • pdf 2010 Renewable Energy Handbook [PDF] [3.6MB] opens in new window – Appendix A1 includes maps of wind, solar and geothermal energy resources
    • 2010 Energy Resources and Infrastructure Map on our publications page – locations of existing and committed renewable (and non-renewable) projects, as well as electricity transmission networks and natural gas pipelines
    • Geoscience Australia maps and data [external website] – information on existing and proposed renewable energy projects in Australia, from Geoscience Australia (the Australian Government agency responsible for resource exploration and management)
    • Solar maps and data – location information on solar energy
    • Wind maps and data – location information on wind energy