• Government electricity corporations

    The Western Australian Government owns and operates three statutory electricity corporations: Western Power, Synergy and Horizon Power.

    The Government established four corporations on 1 April 2006 after the split-up of Western Power Corporation (a government-owned electricity utility that controlled both the production, transmission, distribution and retailing of electricity in Western Australia).

    Up until 1 January 2014, the generation functions of Synergy were undertaken by a separate corporation, called Verve Energy.


    Each corporation is governed by a board. The boards are accountable to the Minister for Energy under the various parts of the Electricity Corporations Act 2005. The Minister supported by the Coordinator of Energy has various responsibilities under the Act including approving Strategic Development Plans, Statements of Corporate Intend and large contracts.

    Copies of the corporations’ Statements of Corporate Intent and quarterly and annual reports are available from their websites.

    Regulation and licensing

    The Government owned electricity corporations, together with private electricity industry participants, are regulated by the Economic Regulation Authority.

    The Economic Regulation Authority is an independent body reporting directly to the Parliament of Western Australia. Among other things, it is responsible for:

    • regulating third party access to Western Power’s electricity network
    • issuing, designing and assessing electricity licenses (generation, transmission, distribution, retail and integrated regional licences).

    For further details on the corporations’ regulatory and licensing obligations, visit the Economic Regulatory Authority website [external website].

    Market participation

    Western Power and Synergy are participants in the Wholesale Electricity Market. They must comply with the Independent Market Operator's Wholesale Elelctricity Market rules [external website].