• Networks

    The Western Australian Government owns Western Power and Horizon Power, which operate the three major electricity networks.

    Western Power’s network

    Western Power operates the biggest network in Western Australia: South West Interconnected System.

    System Management is a separate business unit within Western Power [external website] - is responsible for the physical operation of the network to ensure its secure and reliable operation.

    Horizon Power’s network

    Horizon Power operates: the North West Interconnected System (NWIS) the smaller Esperance network over 30 discrete networks in regional towns and remote communities.

    Privately owned networks

    Privately owned electricity transmission and distribution networks mainly service mining operations in the Pilbara.

    Network access

    The Economic Regulation Authority regulates third party (retailers and large-scale users) access to Western Australia's electricity networks covered by the Electricity Networks Access Code. Currently the only regulated network is Western Power’s South West Interconnected System.