• Wholesale Electricity Market

    In order to supply electricity to your home or business, your retailer must purchase electricity from a generator either directly, indirectly and/or, in the case of the South West Interconnected System, through the market. The Wholesale Electricity Market [external website], covers wholesale electricity sales within the South West Interconnected System between sellers (generators and demand side management facilities) and buyers (retailers and large users).

    Wholesale Electricity Market objectives

    The objectives of the Wholesale Electricity Market, as in the Electricity Industry Act 2004, are to:

    • promote the economically efficient, safe and reliable production and supply of electricity and electricity related services in the South West Interconnected System
    • encourage competition among generators and retailers in the South West Interconnected System, including by facilitating efficient entry of new competitors
    • avoid discrimination in that market against particular energy options and technologies, including energy options and technologies such as those that make use of renewable resources or that reduce overall greenhouse gas emissions
    • minimise the long-term cost of electricity supplied to customers from the South West Interconnected System
    • encourage the taking of measures to manage the amount of electricity used and when it is used.

    The Wholesale Electricity Market is run by the Independent Market Operator. For information on Wholesale Electricity Market structure, market rules and governance arrangements (including the Market Advisory Committee), visit the Independent Market Operator website [external website].

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    The Economic Regulation Authority licences electricity operators in Western Australia, including generators, distributors and retailers [external website].