• Distribution and storage

    Supply areas

    There are reticulated eight gas supply areas in Western Australia. These are set out in the Energy Coordination Act 1994. The supply areas are:

    • Kimberly
    • Pilbara
    • Gascoyne
    • Wheatbelt
    • Mid-West
    • Goldfields-Esperance
    • Great Southern
    • Coastal

    You can view these on the Western Australian Gas Supply Area Map. The Public Utilities Office advises the Governor on changes to supply areas.

    Gas distributors

    The Economic Regulation Authority licenses gas distribution systems that operate at a pressure of less than 1.9 megapascals within these gas supply areas.

    The Economic Regulation Authority is also responsible for regulating third party access to regulated or ‘covered’ gas distribution systems in Western Australia, in accordance with the National Gas Law. Further information on access arrangements for gas pipelines are available from the Economic Regulation Authority website, including a list of covered distribution systems.


    There is currently one gas storage facility servicing the domestic gas market. The Mondarra gas storage facility is located near Dongara on the Parmelia Gas Pipeline – see the 2010 Energy Resources and Infrastructure Map located on the publications page.

    The Mondarra Facility expansion was completed in 2013 and has a storage capacity of 15 petajoules. More information at the APA website [external website].