• Gas pricing

    The Western Australian Government regulates gas prices for small use customers (consuming less than one terajoule per annum) serviced by gas distribution systems in the Mid West/South West, Kalgoorlie-Boulder and the Albany supply areas. A retailer must have a gas trading licence issued by the Economic Regulation Authority to sell gas to these customers. The Energy Coordination (Gas Tariffs) Regulations 2000 provides for a cap on the price that retailers can charge small use customers.

    The region within which regulated gas tariffs apply includes Geraldton and surrounding areas, Carnamah, Perth metropolitan area extending north to Gingin and south to Busselton. Regulated tariffs do not apply to the reticulated LPG systems in Margaret River, Leinster and Esperance, or to bottled gas.

    Retailers that supply large users are not bound by tariff caps.

    In addition to the regulated gas tariff, retailers may charge additional fees. The government does not regulate these additional charges.

    Choice of Retailer

    All Western Australians now have a choice of gas retailer. As of 25 March 2013, Kleenheat Gas joined Alinta Energy in supplying natural gas to small use customers.

    Both Alinta and Kleenheat are licensed to supply natural gas to small use customers in the Mid-West/South-West, Kalgoorlie-Boulder and Albany areas. Licensed suppliers may not charge above the regulated price cap but can offer lower prices through non-standard contracts.

    More information on gas supply options is available from the websites below:

    Prices and supply costs

    Distribution system transport costs for the use of ATCO Gas Australia’s distribution network are independently determined by the Economic Regulation Authority.