• Production

    Western Australia is a large producer of gas compared to other states. Around 90% of Australia’s estimated recoverable reserves of conventional gas are in the Carnarvon Basin on WA’s North West Shelf. These gas fields support WA’s liquefied natural gas (LNG) export industry, as well as the major domestic gas market in the South West.

    Reserving gas for WA use

    The WA Government promotes long-term supplies of natural gas for WA consumers through its Domestic Gas Reservation Policy. The policy seeks commitments for the equivalent of 15% of gas available from new offshore gas developments for domestic use. The WA Government applies the policy as part of the negotiating process with export gas producers, with flexibility built in to allow for each project to be negotiated on a case-by-case basis.

    Find out more

    • Department of Mines and Petroleum [external website] – WA’s lead agency in attracting private investment in resources exploration and development. Its website includes key statistical information on petroleum exploration and production
    • Department of State Development [external website] – develops and coordinates significant WA projects, including LNG export and associated domestic gas projects. Its website includes information about major petroleum projects, including State Agreements (contracts between the government and producers, which are ratified by an Act of the State Parliament)