• Renewable energy

    In Western Australia, renewable energy helps the State meet the community’s long term energy needs, while supporting economic growth. The Western Australian Government continues to support investment in renewable energy to deliver a cleaner energy future for Western Australia.

    Renewable energy projects support future energy security, help lower emissions from the energy sector and enables Western Australia to contribute to the Commonwealth Government’s Renewable Energy Target.

    In 2016, renewable energy accounted for:

    • over 13 per cent of all electricity consumed on Western Australia’s main electricity grid, the South West Interconnected System, including electricity consumed by households and businesses producing their own electricity from small-scale solar photovoltaic (PV) systems.
    • about 7 per cent of all electricity consumed in Western Australia.

    Renewable energy penetration in the state’s main electricity grid will continue to increase as households and businesses seek to manage electricity costs through the installation of solar PV systems and liable entities (such as electricity retailers and very large industrial customers) seek to meet their obligations under the Commonwealth Government’s Renewable Energy Target through local projects. 

    State renewable energy mix 2014/15

    State renewable energy mix 2014-15

    Data source: Department of Industry, Innovation and Science – Office of the Chief Economist, 2016 Australian energy statistics update (Table O)

    Use in Western Australia

    In future, renewable energy will assist Western Australia in meeting energy demand as older conventional generators retire, while reducing the overall emissions intensity of the electricity sector. Today, in addition to helping Western Australia contribute to the Commonwealth Government’s Renewable Energy Target, renewable energy is also fast becoming a cost-effective way of overcoming the challenges of supplying electricity to regional and remote areas.
    Large-scale wind farms are currently the main source of renewable energy used in Western Australia. However, this may change in future as other technologies such as solar photovoltaic systems continue to fall in price. It is expected that landfill gas and waste-to-energy generation will also make important contributions to future renewable electricity supply.

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    Last reviewed: 26 April 2017