• Markets, regulation and complaints

    The market, regulation and complaint processes in Western Australia’s energy industry are governed by a number of organisations, including the following:

    Market operators

    • Independent Market Operator (IMO) [external website] – established under the Electricity Industry (Independent Market Operator) Regulations 2004, the IMO administers and operates the Wholesale Electricity Market in South West Interconnected Network of Western Australia
    • Retail Energy Market Company (REMCo) [external website] – the independent retail market operator for the contestable gas retail market in Western Australia. The Economic Regulation Authority is responsible for the regulation of the REMCo Scheme, which covers all of WA Gas Networks' distribution systems
    • EnergySafety (technical regulator) [external website] – responsible for the licensing of electrical and gas workers and contractors


    • Economic Regulation Authority [external website] – the independent economic regulator for Western Australia, established under the Economic Regulation Authority Act 2003, regulates monopoly aspects of the gas, electricity and rail industries and licenses providers of gas, electricity and water services

    Complaints and appeals

    • Energy Ombudsman [external website] – the Energy Ombudsman Scheme was established in 2005 under the Electricity Industry (Ombudsman Scheme) Regulations 2005. The Energy Ombudsman’s primary function is to investigate and resolve complaints from residential and small business customers about their electricity or gas providers
    • Western Australian Electricity Review Board [external website] – the Board, established under the Energy Arbitration and Review Act 1998, hears appeals on electricity matters against various regulatory decisions relating to licensing, access, coverage and the Wholesale Electricity Market. It also hears appeals on gas access matters arising under the old access regime, the Gas Pipelines Access (Western Australia) Act 1998
    • Western Australian Energy Disputes Arbitrator [external website] – established under the Energy Arbitration and Review Act 1998, the Arbitrator’s functions include resolving disputes in relation to parties seeking access to regulated gas pipelines and electricity networks
    • Australian Competition Tribunal [external website] – performs the functions of appeal under the National Gas Law which applies in Western Australia