• Gas tariff caps

    The gas price caps listed below apply for residential customers in the relevant areas from 1 July 2016. All retailers are required to have a standard form contract approved by the Economic Regulation Authority, and when offering to supply gas to residential customers under that standard form contract, the charge for supply cannot exceed the applicable price cap. Retailers can also offer to supply residential customers with gas under non-standard contracts, at rates different from these regulated price caps.

    Mid-West/South-West area

    • Supply charge: 20.85 cents per day
    • First 12 units per day: 14.39 cents per unit
    • Next 24 units per day: 12.98 cents per unit

    Kalgoorlie-Boulder area

    • Supply charge: 46.87 cents per day
    • Energy charge: 13.36 cents per unit

    Albany area

    • Supply charge: 22.50 cents per day
    • Extra dwellings: 11.24 cents per day for each extra dwelling
    • Energy charge: 16.36 cents per unit

    *A unit of gas is 3.6 Megajoules, equivalent to 1 kilowatt hour.