• Residential feed-in tariff scheme

    The residential net feed-in tariff scheme is a Western Australian Government subsidy encouraging the use of renewable energy systems.

    Through the Renewable Energy Buyback Scheme, residents who own renewable energy systems can export renewable electricity to the grid and are paid by Synergy or Horizon Power. System owners who are also part of the feed-in tariff scheme are paid an additional rate by the Western Australian Government for the electricity they export.

    Scheme suspension

    This scheme is closed to new applicants.

    The feed-in tariff scheme was open to applications from 1 July 2010 to 1 August 2011, when the cap was reached and the scheme was suspended. Customers who had already made a contractual commitment to purchase a renewable energy system were given an extended period to apply.

    Application audits

    The Public Utilities Office is auditing applications for Western Australia’s residential net feed-in tariff scheme to meet the WA Government’s financial accounting and probity requirements.

    Information for existing customers

    Inverter and panel upgrades

    If you are considering upgrading your inverter or panels, please remember that you must keep your inverter at the same capacity as in your original application to your retailer in order to receive feed-in tariff payments.

    Customers who increase the size of their inverter or add an inverter beside the existing one will no longer receive feed-in tariff payments.

    To find out more, visit Forfeiture of feed-in tariff eligibility if inverter size increased.

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