• OSR Duties Lodgments

    OSR Duties Lodgments is a portal in Revenue Online that enables the electronic lodgment of duties transactions for assessment of duty with the Office of State Revenue.

    Some benefits of using OSR Duties Lodgments are:

    • the ability to upload scanned copies of transactions and supporting information
    • retain the original documents at your office at all times
    • reduce the need to attend State Revenue in person to lodge and collect transactions
    • immediate notification of duties assessment notices and requisitions issued into the Revenue Online account
    • access to duty endorsement certificates following payment of duty, including ‘no double duty’ endorsements

    For more information, see Circular 16 'Electronic Duties Lodgments'

    • See the Duties Information Requirements for information about what supporting information you may need to submit.
    • See the FAQs for more information about Electronic Duties Lodgments
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