• I am a business owner

    If you own, represent, or are purchasing a business, the following information will assist you in understanding any related taxes and duties that may be payable or any rebates that may be available.

    Payroll Tax

    If your business pays, or is part of a group of businesses that pays, taxable wages in excess of $850,000 per year, you may be liable for payroll tax.

    See the Payroll Tax pages for more information.


    As a business you may be liable for duty on certain documents and transactions.

    See the Duties pages for more information.

    Land Tax

    Land tax is an annual tax that applies to all properties in Western Australia.  Exemptions, concessions and rebates may be applicable.

    See the Land Tax pages for more information.

    Online Services

    Our online services provide easy and efficient ways to do business with the Office of State Revenue.

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