• Pensioners and Seniors Rebate Scheme

    The Pensioners and Seniors Rebate Scheme provides concessions to eligible pensioners and seniors on their local government rates charges, the emergency services levy, underground electricity charges (if applicable) and water service charges. The concessions available are either a rebate on, or the deferment, of these charges.

    If you claim a concession using a Pensioner Concession Card, State Concession Card, or WA Seniors Card and Commonwealth Seniors Health Card, the rebate will be limited to a maximum (capped) amount which is reviewed annually.

    Apply for a concession through the Water Corporation.

    For more information, see fact sheet 'Pensioners and Seniors Concessions Scheme' which provides information about:

    Row of houses
    • eligibility for a concession
    • concession cards
    • types of concessions available
    • how to apply for a concession
    • change in your circumstances