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    Revenue Online is an online self assessment portal that provides users the control to easily lodge, self-assess and pay duty in a monthly return.  Currently only licensed WA settlement agents or lawyers can register to use Revenue Online. 

    Please note, in order to utilise the Online Duties facility, settlement agents or lawyers must operate a trust account and hold the duty collected from taxpayers in accordance with clauses 12.1, 12.2 and 12.3 of the Special Tax Return Arrangement (Online Duties) Terms and Conditions.

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    Clients registered for Online Duties can integrate with the Property Exchange Australia (‘PEXA’) platform and will be able to:

    • assess the agreement for transfer/contract for sale in Revenue Online;
    • settle the transaction through PEXA; and
    • have the assessed transfer duty paid into their Revenue Online linked trust account through the PEXA financial settlement process.

    Once you have registered for PEXA and received a PEXA subscriber identification number, record your PEXA Subscriber ID in your Revenue Online account in a one-off process:

    • Click the 'Maintain PEXA ID' button from your ROL homepage.
    • Select 'Link a PEXA ID' and click the 'ADD' button.
    • Enter your PEXA Subscriber ID and click the 'Save' button.

    A verification service is conducted between PEXA and OSR to confirm the transaction data entered in PEXA (party details, land information, contract date and consideration) is the same as that recorded in ROL. If the data cannot be verified, the PEXA system will notify the PEXA subscriber to review the data entered. The validation service will support transactions where the electronic instrument created in PEXA is not chargeable with double duty under section 42 of the Duties Act 2008 where:

    • the transfer of land is verified as being in conformity with the contract for sale self-assessed in Revenue Online; or
    • an approved Substituted Transferee application is recorded in Revenue Online.

    Following successful verification:

    • the OSR will automatically notify PEXA of the duty payable (if any);
    • PEXA will provide the PEXA subscriber with the option to have the duty paid into their trust account as part of the PEXA financial settlement process;
    • duty will be payable to OSR under the monthly Revenue Online return; and
    • Revenue Online will create a No Double Duty Certificate of Duty and provide the certificate number to PEXA to enable settlement to occur. The NDD Certificate of Duty will be retained in Revenue Online for record keeping and can be reprinted at any time.

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    Electronic Advice of Sale (EAS)

    EAS allows the submission of online requests for settlement information simultaneously to the Office of State Revenue, Landgate, the Water Corporation and some non-Water Corporation service providers to receive online rates and tax information.

    For further information, or to subscribe to the EAS service and receive an EAS Agent ID, visit the Landgate website.

    Revenue Online enables you to retrieve data that you previously entered into the EAS system when making enquiries on rates and taxes for settlement purposes by entering a known EAS Job Identity, searching the EAS system to locate an unknown EAS Job Identity, and auto-loading all relevant property and party details into the assessing screen (buyer, seller, land details and consideration).

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