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    Revenue Online is an internet application developed to enable registered clients to self-assess and pay duty or tax electronically 24 hours a day 7 days a week in order to better manage their Western Australian obligations. 

    To use Revenue Online you must be registered for either Online Payroll Tax, Online Duties or Online Insurance Duty and agree to the Terms and Conditions.

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    Benefits | Frequently Asked Questions

    Online Duties
    • What can you do through Revenue Online
    • e-Conveyancing
    digital property transaction
    • What can you do through Revenue Online
    • Information for insolvency practitioners
    Online Payroll Tax
    • General insurers
    • Intermediaries
    • Insured persons

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    Benefits of using Revenue Online

    Increased efficiency

    • Lodge and pay returns electronically
    • Instant updates from Office of State Revenue through messaging facilities
    • In-house processing reduces the turnaround time for assessments
    • Automatically receive our bi-monthly e-Newsletter keeping you informed about legislative changes, publications and upcoming training
    • Ability to modify returns and documents electronically
    • The possibility of a mismatch between the return and the payment is eliminated
    • Register for Christmas Island and/or Cocos Islands

    Administrative costs are reduced

    • No need to write individual cheques
    • Postage delays and manual processing errors can be avoided
    • No upfront or ongoing costs

    Client control

    • Authorised Person or Administrator maintains control of who can process transactions, lodge returns and make payments
    • You prioritise transactions to ensure deadlines are met
    • Future date lodgment and payments
    • A detailed history of every transaction is kept in one place for audit purposes

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