• Glossary of terms

    In the State Supply Commission Policies, unless a contrary intention appears:

    Accountable Authority has the same meaning as defined in section 3 of the Financial Management Act 2006.

    Act means the State Supply Commission Act 1991.

    Bidder means the party offering to enter into a legally binding contract with another party.

    Bona fide sole source of supply means a situation where it has been clearly established that only one supplier can supply the requirement.  This can be established either through a periodic test of the market or consultation with appropriate industry bodies, manufacturers and other sources of expertise.

    Buyers' Guide means the document outlining the rules of access and buying in relation to common use arrangements or agency specific panel contracts.

    Community Services Procurement Review Committee means the administrative, advisory committee established to review high value, high-risk procurement processes undertaken to enter into a contracting arrangement to purchase a community service from a not-for-profit organisation (in accordance with the requirements of the Delivering Community Services in Partnership Policy).

    Contract management plan means a plan containing all the pertinent information about how the contract is to be managed and which identifies and addresses all relevant issues through the life of the contract.

    Covered procurement means a procurement of goods or services with an estimated total contract value at or above the monetary value stated in the State Supply Commission's Free Trade Agreement Guidelines[1] which is subject to the terms and conditions of the government procurement chapter of any of the Free Trade Agreements held by the Australian Government.   

    Delegate means, in respect of matters to be decided or things to be done by an Accountable Authority under or pursuant to a Supply Policy, a person or officer appointed by the Accountable Authority to decide those matters or do those things in the place of the Accountable Authority.

    Direct sourcing means the procurement of goods and/or services by placing an order with the supplier of choice, without seeking other bids.

    Emergency situation means a situation existing that threatens life, property or equipment.

    Price means the total price of a procurement for the total period of the contract, including extensions and GST.

    Procurement means the entire process for obtaining all class of resources (human, material, facilities and services).  It can include planning, design, standards determination, specification writing, preparation of quotation and tender documentation, selection of suppliers, financing, contract administration, disposals and other related functions.

    Procurement plan means a project management tool that provides a framework for procurement.  The procurement plan outlines the key issues that both determine and impact the procurement strategy and method adopted.

    Public Authority means:

    • a department of the Public Service of the State established or deemed to have been established under the Public Sector Management Act 1994; and
    • an agency, authority or instrumentality of the Crown in right of the State.

    Open tender means the process of publicly inviting offers to supply goods or provide services involving specifications and detailed documentation.

    State Tender Review Committee means the administrative, advisory committee established to review high value, high-risk procurement processes.

    Sufficient quotations means an adequate number of bids from bona fide sources of supply so as to ensure open and effective competition.  To demonstrate competition, the number of suppliers requested should range from two to five.

    Supplier means a party that supplies goods and/or services.

    Supply Policy or Supply Policies means supply policies issued under and in accordance with section 28 of the State Supply Commission Act 1991.

    Tenders WA means the Government's electronic medium providing direct access to Government contracting information, including early tender advice to suppliers, advertising of tenders, electronic tender lodgement and award of Government contracts valued at $50,000 and above.

    Request means the documentation utilised for Requests for Tenders, Requests for Proposals or Expressions of Interest.

    Verbal quotation means a verbal process of inviting offers to supply goods and/or services involving a limited number of potential suppliers.

    Written quotation means a written process of inviting bids to supply goods and/or services involving simple documentation and a limited number of potential suppliers.

    All values mentioned in these Supply Policies are GST inclusive.

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    [1] These guidelines are available under Free Trade Agreements.